Arch Spring

Whipple’s first camp upon leaving Zuni was at a spring in a side canyon near a distinctive arch in the canyon wall. There is no picture of the spring in Whipple’s report but the arch is there:

Arch in Bosson Canyon near Zuni. Tom Jonas photo.

Arch in Bosson Canyon near Zuni. Tom Jonas photo.

Whipple’s comment:

November 27–Camp 71…Arch Spring issues from the foot of a red sandstone cliff. Upon the smooth faces of of the rock are great numbers of hieroglyphics, evidently old, and as much like symbols of connected ideas as any we have seen. There is a vaulted recess near the spring which gives name to the place. The high table-lands adjoining are covered with ruins. This, at the time of the Spanish conquest, must have been another of the seven towns of Cibola.


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